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Privacy Policy

Version 1.0 : 2020-10-15


Groowy Tech works continuously to ensure the individual's personal integrity and security of his or her personal information. Groowy Tech has therefore established this policy for how your personal data is handled.

By Groowy Tech is meant Groowy Tech of REWD AB with org. no: 559200-6299, Norrbackagatan 24, 113 41 Stockholm.

Groowy Tech is responsible for the processing of personal data that the company collects in various ways, including via the company's website. Groowy Tech's processing of personal data complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”). This policy describes Groowy Tech's processes for processing personal data about you who have registered for a newsletter, who is the contact person for an organization that has a commitment to Groowy Tech or provided your contact information to Groowy Tech. As a general rule, Groowy Tech processes personal data with your (the data subject's) consent, after you have been informed of the processing. If you contact Groowy Tech via e-mail or if we otherwise have reason to believe that you or your employer has an interest in services that we can offer, we may communicate with you. Groowy Tech then assesses that we have a legitimate interest in processing your contact information.


Groowy Tech processes your personal information to send you newsletters and other information. The treatment is based on your consent and is completely voluntary. Groowy Tech also processes personal data to communicate with you via e-mail and other electronic communications in matters concerning your or your employer's relationship with Groowy Tech . The company also processes personal data when this is necessary to fulfill legal obligations, e.g. according to the Accounting Act (SFS: 1999: 1078) or to comply with government decisions. Email, SMS and other electronically borne communications are covered by the GDPR. Personal data occurs in such communication already by the sender and recipient being known. If you communicate with us via e-mail, mail or other form of communication, we process the communication and the information therein to meet you.


Your personal information is stored in databases provided by our supplier. Our provider does not use your personal data and does not have access to your personal data for any purpose other than to provide cloud services and storage services. We do not sell personal information to anyone and only share personal information with suppliers and partners that enable the provision of our service. Regardless of who performs the processing, we are responsible to you for the processing of your personal data. Your personal data is disclosed to authorities only where required by law or authority decisions.


When your personal information is no longer needed for the purposes stated here, it will be deleted or anonymized. This means that your contact information will be deleted / anonymised if you are no longer a contact person, if the cooperation between Groowy Tech and your employer ceases or if you unsubscribe from our newsletters. By anonymised is meant that the information can no longer be used to identify any person. The information will also be deleted if the legal basis is the data subject's consent and the data subject revokes the consent.


When Groowy Tech processes personal data concerning a data subject, he or she has the right to revoke his or hers given consent free of charge without this affecting the legality of the processing before the revocation. The data subject also has the right to request that the processing be limited to storage. If Groowy Tech processes your personal data based on our legitimate interest, you can object to the processing. Groowy Tech will then discontinue the treatment. Registered persons also have the right to request access to their personal data. This can be done by requesting an extract from the register in electronic format or on paper or by asking specific questions about your personal information. The data subject has the right to request correction of incorrect information and / or deletion of his or hers personal data. The data subject also has the right to obtain such personal data as he or she has provided to Groowy Tech in a generally readable format, where possible (so-called data portability). The registered person always has the right to lodge a complaint with the Privacy Protection Authority.

Responsible for GDRP issues
Rebecka Wedlund, CEO Groowy Tech of REWD AB

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